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iPhone LCD Repair

We provide credit based on the value of your broken lcd which is applied toward your future purchase. Please allow up to 3 business days to receive your LCD credit report which provides what we can pay you for your broken LCD. If you have a bulk lot of LCDs to recycle, we can provide better pricing. Price quote is updated on Mondays.

Broken LCDs Price Specification
6S Plus $90.00 OEM
6S $65.00 OEM
6 Plus $45.00 OEM
6 G $28.00 OEM
5S $7.00 OEM
5 & 5C $5.00 OEM
6S Plus $55.00 After Market
6S $35.00 After Market
6 Plus $22.00 After Market
6 G $16.00 After Market
5S $3.50 After Market
5 & 5C $2.50 After Market